We are Kir and Nastassja Sivakovski, a married couple of professional video editors. Our genuine passion lies in working with documentary material and crafting beautiful love stories, which is why we specialize in wedding video editing.
  • Film Production Degrees

    Both of us have education in filmmaking, which allows us to provide you not just technical service that results in a standard wedding film, but intelligent video editing that is based on fundamental knowledge of visual storytelling, narrative principles and your unique style, which we can deeply analyze.

  • Filming Expertise

    Our expertise in both filming and video editing allows us to deeply understand your material, resulting in exceptional storytelling and elevated final product.

  • Versatile Experience

    We possess a diverse experience in the field of filmmaking, having crafted both documentary films and short films. This multifaceted background enriches our professional toolkit, enabling us to approach wedding films from various perspectives and edit them in both traditional and out of the box styles, pushing the boundaries of this genre.

  • Crafting

    by Ourselves

    We're not a post-production house or businessmen; first and foremost, we're professional video editors. We're deeply passionate about our work, and that's why we handle every aspect by ourselves. When the editing is done by the same people you've discussed every detail with, it yields high quality films. As our collaboration evolves, you'll also save considerable time, as we'll understand your expectations down to the finest nuances without any discussions.

  • Clear and Easy Communication

    No more email mess. All communication happens on a convenient platform, where you'll also receive your videos and can provide feedback in real-time. Our focus is to minimize your time investment while ensuring no information gets lost in the process

  • Personalized Service and Result

    Being individual specialists rather than a production house allows us to offer a uniquely tailored and flexible approach to every client. We're delighted to handpick licensed music for your film if needed, thoroughly analyze your videos and closely examine your footage, all to craft a distinct, non-generic product. Additionally, we're always ready to offer you customized collaboration terms, including the initial project, where pre-payment is not needed. You'll make a payment only if you're satisfied with the final video outcome.

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