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We are Kir and Nastassja Sivakovski, a married couple of professional video editors. Our genuine passion lies in working with documentary material and crafting beautiful love stories, which is why we specialize in wedding video editing

3 Reasons to Choose Us
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    Film Production Degrees
    Both of us have education in filmmaking, which allows us to provide you not just technical service, but intelligent video editing that considers fundamental knowledge of visual storytelling, modern trends, and your unique style, which we can deeply analyze.
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    Filming Expertise
    Our expertise in both filming and video editing allows us to deeply understand your material, resulting in exceptional storytelling and elevated final product.
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    Versatile Experience
    We possess a diverse experience in the field of filmmaking, having crafted both documentary films and short films. This multifaceted background enriches our professional toolkit, enabling us to approach wedding films from various perspectives and edit them in both traditional and out of the box styles, pushing the boundaries of this genre.
Our Services
We can help you create a narrative short film about the couple's love story. We gather the couple's story facts - how they met and their journey together - to craft a script for a captivating short film that brings their love to life, we can suggest the film's style, provide storyboards and a shooting plan if necessary, and, of course, handle the film editing. We are also happy to provide you with editing service in a more traditional formats of pre-wedding films, including interviews and romantic walks.
We offer flexibility to match your preferences. We can skillfully edit in your chosen style or, if you prefer, create a one-of-a-kind wedding film with a unique style & story based on your footage. Whether you prefer a documentary-style or a cinematic approach, we are here to meet your needs.
Additional formats:

Documentary (ceremony, reception, etc.)
Social media reels
Our Works

Highlight "Unusual Usual Sunday"

Highlight "This is All That Will Remain After Me"

Love Story
Dear clients, we have prepared two distinct price lists tailored to meet the specific requirements and nuances of wedding videography in different regions and currencies. To explore the pricing details, please download the PDF file relevant to your region below. We are delighted to answer your questions about our services and discuss the details of your projects. Don't hesitate to reach out, and we'll be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.
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